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DUNAMIS Consulting Engineers and Project Managers is a Namibian multi-disciplinary engineering firm that specialises in engineering and project management services.

We are a wholly owned Namibian company, joyfully and fully BEE compliant, with 100% of the equity of our company. Founded in 2012, DUNAMIS Consulting Engineers and Project Managers is recognised as one of the most professionally managed consulting engineering firms in Namibia, with a team of partners who are experts in their chosen fields. The firm employs a staff compliment of more than 10 highly competent people.

DUNAMIS Consulting Engineers and Project Managers strives to achieve excellence in all the services it provides and to provide meticulous attention to detail whether the project is large or small. It is an independent company with no obligations to, or ties with any commercial concern which could influence the professional judgment, recommendations or decisions given by the company.

Our strict approach to quality control is manifested through our rigorous testing and monitoring regimes. Furthermore, we endeavour to ensure timely completion within budget by close effective monitoring and tight control by project leaders.

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Our vision is to become a leading engineering firm by providing creative lasting solutions in the engineering industry for the successful completion of infrastructure projects, thus enhancing socio-economic growth.


Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality engineering services in a timeous, efficient and cost effective manner.

In order to achieve its vision and mission, DUNAMIS Consulting Engineers and Project Managers:

  • Provides a full range of high quality innovative, appropriate, cost effective and sustainable engineering solutions on all projects

  • Employs highly competent, motivated and experienced staff while continuously identifying and nurturing young prospective individuals to realise their full potential

  • Offers an incomparable treatment and service quality to all its clients, there by developing sound customer relations and customer satisfaction

  • Implements sound business management principles and effective strategies to ensure long-term viability and growth of the company



DUNAMIS Consulting Engineers and Project Managers was established by three professional engineers from previously disadvantaged backgrounds; Gabes T. Muteka,  Abisai T.T. Nambahu and Engelberth A. Uushona.

Since its establishment, DUNAMIS Consulting Engineers and Project Managers philosophy is to be known as an independent professional practice, owned and managed entirely by engineers and professionals who demonstrate exceptional competence, professionalism, honesty and integrity.

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